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01.Single pump tank ARTR W7602GPF
02.Double pump tank Kit W7615GP2K
03.Single pump tank Kit W7603GPK
04.Single pump tank Kit WCB35104GPK
05.Single piston tank Kit W7602PSK
06.Single piston tank Kit W7603PSK
07.Single pump tank ARTR WMS1400GPF
08.Double piston tank Kit W7602PS2K
09.Single piston tank ARTR W7615PSF
10.Double piston tank ARTR W7602PS2F
.1/200  Xiangyanghong 10 Ocean Scientific  Research Ship
.1/200 Xiangyanghong 10 Ocean Scientific Research Ship
Single pump tank ARTR WMS1400GPF

WTC Kit included:
WTC(water tight cylinder)is a sealed cabin that accommodates all machinery and electronic equipments, such as motors, waterpump, solenoid valve, servo, ESC, ERS, RC, battery etc. WTC supplies subamrine the ability of running, diving, and floating. You must buy WTC seperately. Please note that WTC has 2 typies, single tank and double tanks.
WTC ARTR included:
The WTC has been assembled, including electric parts such as drive motors and water pumps. It only needs to be installed in the hull to realize the navigation and dive functions of the submarine model, but the sealed cabin finished products do not include remote control equipment, batteries, and rudder. Electronic devices such as the electronic governor, the water tank control unit BCU, etc. You can order these devices yourself in the web page list, we can install them for free.
Delivery time:
If not in stock, Kit delivery time is 3-5 weeks, ARTR delivery time is 5-10 weeks.

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 27 July, 2013.

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